Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd. Creating Environmental Initiatives for All Indulging in Green Life

♦ 1.0 Company Overview ♦ 

♦ 1.1 Company Profile ♦

Headquartered based in Johor, Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd is a company specialising in the production of green products. Relying on our professional, extensive experience in creating plastic bags and everyday disposable plastic products with environmental considerations, the products sold by our company have been popular among consumers and supplied to all over the country and overseas markets due to consistent production and high quality of the products.

The company specialises in the production of high-quality plastic products such as multi-use plastic bags. We are also one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, eco-friendly, degradable garbage bags, specialising in tailor-made OEM and green plastic bag products to satisfy customers’ individual requirements.

We are committed to using recognised, environmentally friendly, degradable plastic raw materials to make eco-friendly plastic products. Our philosophy is to create new value-added products and deliver eco-friendly elements to fit the needs of modern consumers. The plastic bags produced by Winstar Material Group can be decomposed by microorganisms and eventually completely degraded into environmentally friendly carbon dioxide and water without causing secondary damage or harm to the environment. It is conducive to protecting the environment. Our vision is make our every single consumer to be able to implement eco-friendly practices while using plastic bags, to help ensure the sustainability of our environment with small actions.

♦ 1.2 Company Corporate Culture ♦

Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd corporate culture encompasses vision, mission and a set of values, where the vision represents our proposition, the mission articulates our mutual goal, and the value system becomes the guide to our actions. The company's corporate culture encourages sustainability, fairness and transparency with a stable, solid foundation established through close cooperation among various departments of the group as well as self-positioning of the company.

Our unique and professional corporate culture is better aligned with our strategic direction that pursues customer satisfaction, sustainable innovation and excellence to help us stand out amidst competition in the marketplace, allowing us to constantly pursue innovative, high-quality, eco-friendly products to shape the green market of tomorrow.

♦ 1.3 Company Purpose/Mission/Vision ♦

♦ Our Purpose: ♦

Company innovation, sustainability and excellence are closely associated with our customers' success. We are committed to becoming a globally, socially and environmentally responsible company, with a commitment to high quality and environmental sustainability in the production and distribution of green products. Greening is our action guide and the cornerstone in the realization of our vision.

♦ Our Mission: ♦

As one of the leading plastics manufacturers in Malaysia, we firmly believe in the concept of reducing raw materials, reuse and recycling, and thus we manage our resources and waste in a proper way to build a better environmental management system.

♦ Our Vision: ♦

We work tirelessly to ensure that excellent products and performance are delivered to our agents and clients over the long term. The key to our success is the emphasis on creating a good business environment to put our skills and expertise to the best use. We hope to create a customer-centric growth market that promotes future environment sustainability, and with perseverance, we strive to achieve more targeted and eco-friendly innovations in green plastic product technology, so that everyone in the community can become "a part of the environmental movement".

♦ 1.4 Company Scale♦

Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd headquartered based in Johor. At present, the company's management structure consists of the chairman, general manager, sales department, logistics department, accounting department, etc., and all departments work closely together to actively address various challenges. As the company grows in size, so will the number of people.

We are equipped with an elite team of dedicated R&D and sales staff, and we offer professional training and knowledge in environmental concepts and sustainability in addition to developing more multi-purpose garbage bags, to preserve the planet while making life more convenient in the new era.

In this competitive business environment, we must do better, faster and more cost-effectively than our competitors. To achieve this, we are equipped with the best talent and the most innovative green R&D technologies, and our unwavering pursuit of excellence translates into loyalty and support from our customers and business partners to build lasting business relationships and achieve mutual success. Our team members are well trained to appreciate and live up to their full responsibilities and obligations in making products that exceed customer expectations.

In line with the concept of environmental protection, health and convenience, plastic bags are furnished with practical features through unique design development while more suitable products are launched to fulfil the higher standard of requirements in consumers' daily life, Winstar Material constantly focusing on the research and production of garbage bags and other daily life products to ensure the diversification of product styles. We own a proprietary manufacturing process with a supply chain system to guarantee the quality of the product starting from the source and to greatly control and reduce the intermediate cost.

The corporate mission is to benefit employees, customers and society. Since the company was founded, it has been expanding the marketing team in the marketplace and acquiring abundant adequate social connections. We have a robust sales network and a sales team with rich experiences in the marketplace. For many years operating the business of green garbage bags in Malaysia, the company specialises in the development of eco-friendly, degradable garbage bag products ranging from food waste bags to disposal bags.

♦ 2.0 Market Overview ♦

The average daily amount of garbage in Malaysia has reached a record of 30,000 to 33,000 tons, making it necessary for the government to spend RM1.2 billion on the collection of garbage in one year, thus consuming a significant amount of garbage bags.

The excessive consumption of plastics and the lack of proper management of plastic wastes are a growing threat, causing landfills to fill up, rivers to be congested and marine ecosystems to be threatened, with negative impacts on tourism, shipping and fisheries, which affect the livelihood of the country's people.

The average usage time of plastic bags is 25 minutes, but each bag takes at least 470 years to degrade; about 8 million tons of plastics are poured into the oceans each year, and environmental pollution costs are increasingly recognised as developing countries become more environmentally conscious.

Therefore, our biodegradable plastic bags are developed based on the concept of saving the world and caring for the planet, taking into account the importance of environmental sustainability while running a business and making profits. Degradable plastics generally begin to thin, lose weight, decrease in strength after three months of exposure to the environment after they have been discarded for use and gradually break up into fragments, which then become powders that are finally decomposed by microorganisms without being burdensome to the environment.

In recent years, the state governments have promoted the "plastic restriction order", clearly stipulating that malls, supermarkets and markets must not provide free plastic shopping bags, and the implementation of this "plastic restriction order" has achieved some results in promoting the development of the eco-friendly plastic bag industry to a certain extent.

At present, all the businesses in cooperation with the company covering different cities in Malaysia are well-known enterprises in Malaysia included MR DIY, ECONSAVE, KLEESO, ECO SHOP, KK MART, AEON, KFC, MR DOLLAR, NOKO, FIGO, MR SAVE, TARGET, NINSO, SETIA, MARRY BROWN,NT SHOP,C MART,QSR BRAND,SUSHI KING , government and etc.

♦ 2.1 Market Demand ♦

With the rise of new-generation tastes and environmental awareness, consumers' demand for garbage bags is no longer limited to the application of “paper bags for garbage disposal”. Instead, consumers are looking for a range of home solutions in terms of product versatility, multi-functionality and aesthetics.

In line with the concept of environmental protection, health and convenience, plastic bags are furnished with practical features through unique design development while more suitable products are launched to fulfil the higher standard of requirements in consumers' daily life.

We uphold the idea of “High Value at Reasonable Prices” and are committed to providing our customers with quality household products and personalised shopping experiences that are worth the money.

In today's society that pays attention to environmental protection, we also create a pleasant eco-friendly experience for consumers to use plastic bags and garbage bags without feeling too guilty and ashamed. Our products are biodegradable and do not impose any burden on the environment, which is why users are highly positive about the quality of our products and show a high level of loyalty.

As a company that promotes green garbage bags, we are good at leveraging the networking market and innovative selling tools, as well as making our brands stand out from the crowd through advertising campaigns in new media. We hope to continue to build joint development opportunities with suppliers and distributors for mutual benefit to achieve win-win situations.

The current sales channels outlined by the company include major supermarkets and chain convenience stores, hotel and catering operators, cruise ships and relevant government units including schools.

♦ 3.0 Product R&D ♦

The excessive consumption of plastics and the lack of proper management of plastic wastes are a growing threat, causing landfills to fill up, rivers to be congested and marine ecosystems to be threatened, with negative impacts on tourism, shipping and fisheries, which affect the livelihood of the country's people.

Winstar Material specialises in the development of eco-friendly degradable garbage bag products ranging from food waste bags to disposal bags, and we supply a variety of biodegradable plastic bags to supermarkets or convenience stores to improve their sales in the garbage bag sector, using a new colour packaging with an upgrade to a multi-use plastic bag, not purely a plastic bag product.

Our plastic products are designed to produce cost-competitive garbage bags while the coreless features facilitate storage and use in homes or offices.

We also have a wide range of other custom-made products to meet your requirements.

1. Construction and Builder Film.
2. Agriculture Film and Bags.
3. Air Cargo Sheet.
4. LDPE Shrink Film / Bags / Tubing.
5. Industrial Heavy Duty Sack.
6. Pallet Top Sheet and Cover.
7. Speciality Bag.
8. General Purpose Film / Bag / Liner.
9. Stretch film.
10. Biodegradable Bag.
11. Newspaper film.

♦ 4.0 Product Features ♦

Winstar Material's corporate mission is to reduce the amount of plastic that circulates into the environment, which is deemed the responsibility of all businesses. The current usage of plastic bags in the world ranges from 500 billion to 1 trillion in a year, causing significant pollution of the environment. This staggering figure has prompted many government agencies around the world to proactively ban the use of non-biodegradable disposable bags.

For environmentally conscious retailers, it is more important to choose products that are beneficial to the planet and ensure a green environment for our next generation. In accordance with this, the products that we make address these needs.

♦ 4.1 Use of Biodegradable Raw Materials ♦

When a biodegradable garbage bag is exposed to heat or natural air, the additive will begin to decompose the polymer chain. This decomposition process of the polymer will not cause any harmful effects on our environment. The decomposition of the material continues and eventually the polyethylene molecules will become small enough for the microorganisms to further decompose them into carbon dioxide and water residues. When exposed to heat or ultraviolet light, the additive will begin to decompose the carbon chain of the polymer.

♦ OXO-Biodegradable Plastic ♦

The oxidizable biodegradable plastic is made by mixing a pro-degrading additive into the plastic during the extrusion process. Additives cause the molecular structure of the plastic to decompose when exposed to the head, sunlight and air. The plastic will eventually be in a state that can be digested by microorganisms.

At this point, the plastic will degrade at a faster rate until it completely degrades into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Oxidatively biodegradable plastics are often referred to as "degradable" plastics because they do not require a biologically active environment to initiate degradation. Microorganisms help accelerate the degradation process. But they are not required. This gives carbonyl biodegradation a distinct advantage over existing methods of degrading plastics.

The degradation time varies depending on the exposure of the degradation promoter (daylight, heat and microorganisms). Traditional plastic garbage bags on the market are not easily decomposed for hundreds of years, and oxidized biodegradable plastics degrade the fastest in the exact situation we want: when it becomes garbage, even if the plastic stays underneath, it will degrade. This is the best situation for consumers. When plastic is used properly, it will last for many years, but once it becomes rubbish, it will degrade within 9 to 12 months. In landfills, oxidized biodegradable plastics degrade rapidly if oxygen can help with the degradation process. However, unlike other types of degradable plastics, oxygen-biodegradable plastics do not release methane when degraded. This is another advantage over existing biodegradable plastic forms, where pollution and waste management issues will be improved while providing a better living environment!

♦ 4.2 Quality Assurance ♦

The company produces its products in accordance with the commitments, specifications and criteria of specific manufacturing standards, and has obtained the certification of Lesen Pensijilan Eko-Label, which is a license for the use of eco-label marks.

♦ 5.0 Profitability of Products ♦

Garbage bags are a bare necessity for the modern family, and our multi-use, eco-friendly plastic bags meet the requirements of the new generation. Garbage bags are a high-demand product for Malaysia, which also generate huge profits for many businesses and convenience stores. 

Due to the uniqueness of our products, they are distinctive in the market and can provide continuous profit for merchant and agents while helping in positioning and creating product values. Furthermore, our eco-friendly plastic bags help businesses improve their performance, increase sales and earn lasting business benefits. 

Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd.

♦ 1.0 公司概况 ♦

♦ 1.1 公司简介 ♦

Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd 总部位于马来西亚柔佛州,乃一家专业于生产绿色产品的公司。凭借本公司专业及丰富的经验于创造具有环保因素的塑胶袋及一次性丢弃塑料日用品,因产品的稳定产量及高素质,促使本公司所销售的产品一直深获消费者青睐,并供应至全国各地以及海外市场。


我们致力于使用公认对环境友好的分解塑料原料,打造环保塑料产品。公司理念是创造产品新的附加价值、并提供环保元素,来满足现代消费者的使用需求。Winstar Material Group所生产的塑料袋产品可被微生物分解,最终完全降解为对环境无害的二氧化碳和水,分解后不会对环境造成二次伤害以及破坏,并有利于保护环境。我们的愿景是希望每一位为消费者都可以在使用塑胶袋的同时,也能达到环保的行为,以小行动让环境得以永续生存。

♦ 1.2 公司的企业文化 ♦

Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd的企业文化由愿景、使命和价值观所组成,我们的愿景代表我们的主张,我们的使命阐明我们要共同实现的目标,我们的价值观则是我们的行动指南。公司的企业文化是永续,公平及透明,集团各部门之间的紧密合作和自我定位是公司稳定的坚实基础。


♦ 1.3 公司宗旨/使命/愿景 ♦

我们的宗旨 公司创新、永续、及卓越与客户的成功紧密相关。我们致力于成为一个对地球,社会和环境负责任的公司,秉持所有我们生产及代理的绿色产品,都给予高质量及对环境永续保证的承诺下所生产。绿色环保是我们的行动指南,也是我们将愿景变为现实的基石。

♦ 我们的使命 ♦


♦ 我们的愿景 ♦


♦ 1.4 公司规模 ♦

Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd 总部位于柔佛州,目前公司管理架构有董事长、总经理、销售部、物流部、会计部等,各部门间紧密合作,积极应对各项挑战。而随着公司规模的不断扩大,人员也将不断增加。



Winstar Material 本着环保、健康、便捷的理念,通过独特的设计研发,赋予塑料袋实用的功能特性,不断推出更适用的产品满足消费者更高的生活需求,始终专注垃圾袋等生活产品的研发生产,保证产品的款式多元化,我们拥有专有工厂一链式生产,从源头保证产品的质量,并且极大地控制减少中间成本。


♦ 2.0 市场概况 ♦







♦ 2.1 市场需求 ♦


Winstar Material Group 本着环保、健康、便捷的理念,通过独特的设计研发,赋予垃圾及塑料袋实用的功能特性,不断推出更适用的产品满足消费者更高的生活需求。





♦ 3.0公司产品研发 ♦


Winstar Material 专门针对环保分解垃圾袋产品开发,从食品用的到丢弃垃圾袋都一一尽有,我们供应给超市或便利店各种可降解的塑料袋,提升他们在垃圾袋部门销售等级,所采用是全新彩色包装,且不仅是单一塑料袋用品,而是已经升级到一袋多用塑料袋。



1. 建筑和建筑商薄膜,
2. 农业薄膜和袋子,
3. 航空货运膜,
4. LDPE 收缩膜/袋/管,
5. 工业用重物袋,
6. 托盘顶板和盖板,
7. 特种袋,
8. 通用薄膜/袋/衬垫,
9. 拉伸膜,
10. 可生物降解的袋子,
11. 报纸薄膜

♦ 4.0 产品特点 ♦

Winstar Material的企业使命中,认为每个企业都有责任减少流通到环境中的塑料数量。目前全世界每年使用的塑料袋在5000亿到1万亿之间,对环境带来极大的污染。这一惊人的数字促使世界各地的许多政府机构主动禁止使用一次性非生物降解袋。


♦ 4.1采用生物降解原料 ♦


♦ OXO-生物降解塑料 ♦


这时,塑料将以更快的速度降解,直到完全降解为二氧化碳、水和生物质。可氧化的生物降解塑料通常被称为 "可降解 "塑料,因为它们不需要生物活性环境来启动降解。微生物有助于加速降解过程。


♦ 4.2品质保证 ♦

本公司在生产产品均按照一定的标准生产产品的承诺、规范、标准,并获得Lesen Pensijilan Eko-Label的认证,这是使用生态标签标志的许可证。

♦ 5.0产品的盈利 ♦

垃圾袋对于现代家庭是一种刚需,几乎家家必备,而我们所生产的一袋多用环保性塑料袋更符合新生代的要求。垃圾袋对马来西亚是需求量很大的产品,也为很多企业及便利店面营造庞大的盈利。 基于我们的产品具有独特性,与市场与众不同,能给商家代理带来持续利润,同时也帮助创造定位及产品价值。而我们的环保塑胶袋也帮助提高商家的业绩,增加销量,赚取永续的经营效益。

Our Persistence / Core belief / Motivation

We are equipped with a dedicated team which never rest on its laurels. We understand that in this ever competitive Business environment, doing just enough is not good enough. We must be better, faster and more cost effective than our competitors. Thus in achieving this objective, we are equipped with the best people, state-of-the-art technology and most importantly, passion for excellence in all we do. We believe that our unwavering passion for excellence will translate into loyalty and support from our customers and Business partners, engaging into lasting business relationships and mutual success.

Our Promises

Our Quality Assurance 

• We are passionate in what we do, in striving for excellence in customers service, product quality and On-time delivery. 

• We will be attentive to our customers’ need through close communication and to engage in continuous improvement in our manufacturing processes and business conducts. 

• We will practice utmost professionalism, sincerity and integrity in our pursuit towards building successful partnership with our customer, suppliers and employees. 

• We will be a socially responsible company towards our community and towards the environment. Constar Material is totally committed in ensuring that all products that leave our premise have been produced with our utmost care and total commitment to highest quality. 

• Our team members are well trained to understand and practice to take full responsibility and accountability in making products that exceed customers’ expectation. 

• We have also put in place the Total Quality Management System to monitor and coordinate all quality measure and parameters, right from the time we receive the order until the final delivery of goods. 

• In addition, as a plastic manufacturing agency, we strongly believe in the “reduce, reuse and recycle” concept and are also committed in the proper management of our resources and wastes towards better environmental management.

Our Services

We specialize in producing a variety of high quality flexible plastic products, for example wide film and bag extrusion. We are also one of the leading manufacturers of polyethylene builders film, which is a multipurpose film commonly used as an underlay for concrete slabs and as a moisture and vapour barrier. We also have a wide range of other custom-made products to meet your requirements. 

MDPE products are designed to provide cost competitive refuse bags with film thickness starting from 17 microns with the added strength of LLDPE. The coreless feature provides convenience for easy storage and use in homes or offices. 

We also have a wide range of other custom-made products to meet your requirements. 

1. Construction and Builder Film 
2. Agriculture Film and Bags 
3. Air Cargo Sheet 
4. LDPE Shrink Film / Bags / Tubing 
5. Industrial Heavy Duty Sack 
6. Pallet Top Sheet and Cover 
7. Speciality Bag 
8. General Purpose Film / Bag / Liner
9. Stretch film
10. Biodegradable Bag
11. Newspaper film

Our Products

MDPE products are designed to provide cost competitive refuse bags with film thickness starting from 17 microns with the added strength of LLDPE. The cordless feature provides convenience for easy storage and use in homes or offices. We also have a wide range of other custom-made products to meet your requirements. Please contact us for more details. 

1. Construction and Builder Film
2. Agriculture Film and Bags
3. Air Cargo Sheet
4. LDPE Shrink Film / Bags / Tubing 5. Industrial Heavy Duty Sack
6. Pallet Top Sheet and Cover
7. Speciality Bag
8. General Purpose Film / Bag / Liner
9. Stretch film
10. Biodegradable Bag
11. Newspaper film

Our Business Partner

Winstar Material Sdn. Bhd.

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